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The Elevated Wellness Co.

At The Elevated Wellness Company we believe that education is the most valuable tool we have. It is our mission to keep ourselves and our clients educated on the science and benefits of using plant medicines to further our health and wellness goals. We believe wellness is deeply individual. One persons path to health may call for sobriety; another's may involve a nightly imbibing ritual. Regardless, it’s the holistic picture that matters to us, being careful never to cleave the mind from a conversation about the body, or the body from a conversation about the mind. Our goal has always been to ask questions—about our mental wellbeing, our spiritual lives, the food we eat, and how we self care and care for others. The answers help us get closer to what "well" means to each of us individually, and we hope they’re helpful to you.


Here, you’ll find products vetted for efficacy by our in-house testing and research team—alongside TEWC Wellness products we’ve developed ourselves.

Our vision is to pave the way for a line of plant medicine and wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind.  Our goal is to help people, and their loved ones to live a happier, healthier balanced life.

We are committed to bringing our customers the highest grade CBD, Medicinal Fungi and Plant Adaptogen products in the Canadian market. We are proud to offer all natural, lab tested, organic Canadian grown and produced products, as well as fun things that just bring us joy! 


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What does Dadirri mean?  'Dadirri' is an Aboriginal word meaning 'inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting'.  Something that many of us have lost touch with as our lives move faster and faster and we become less and less connected to ourselves and each other.


At the Elevated Wellness Company we have thoughtfully created a safe and inclusive space to discover self for positive alignment of mind and body. 

We have carefully curated experiences that include wellness through music, sound, movement, workshops, art, play, plant medicine, meditation, and connection, with a strong sense of community as the base. A space to experience all of our senses, through deep listening and healing. A space for discovery and imagination. Welcome to The Dadirri Room!

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How connected are you to your true self? Would you like to learn more about your self, your mind and even your life purpose? Would you like to learn more about medicinal psilocybin and other medicinal adaptogens?

Being better connected to yourself can improve your own life as well as those close to you. It can bring you a sense of purpose, identity, and fulfilment, empathy, a release from ego and fear.

If you work on improving your self-connection, you can escape harmful patterns and start making your life and the world around you a brighter and more meaningful place. 

The psychedelic renaissance offers us this new opportunity. Psychedelic experiences have been shown to renew our sense of purpose, understand ourselves more deeply, and help us work through our own life experiences and traumas. Opening up your creative pathways, increasing empathy and connectivity to nature and those around you is the baseline of what you can experience through a safe medicinal psilocybin micro dose. This can be an experience with as little as a non-psychoactive micro dose, to a full psychedelic journey. Could a guided psilocybin ceremony help you rediscover self-connection? In the Dadirri Room, we are able to explore safely through music, sound, nature, art, play, meditation, breath work and movement. At The Elevated Wellness company, personal safety and wellbeing is always our biggest priority. 

If you would like to learn more about experiencing a personal guided journey, contact us today.

Plant Medicine

Anna Young

“The level of care and comfort in such a beautiful space was wonderful.  I felt so safe and open in a way I never have. "

Morgan Carson

"I walked in with no expectations or experience, and walked out feeling invigorated with better tools to manage my anxieties."

Lisa Driver

“I have experienced the drumming and breathwork in this incredible space, as well as the amazing products recommended to me by Tanya. So much care in everything she does.”
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