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Our story started in 2016 with our sweet senior pup Ella,
our driving force behind our passion for all things CBD.

When Ella was young she suffered a couple of bad play injuries that later left her with advanced osteoarthritis in her joints which then lead to years of Metacam and Tramadol. Because these drugs have such horribly potential side effects which can cause liver and kidney failure, we had to look for other options. When she was around 11 years old, she started developing a mass on her chest that grew quite large, which can happen in senior dogs. We decided at her age that we wouldn’t get it tested, because if it is cancer, we felt she was too old for aggressive treatments and we couldn’t put her through that. On top of everything else, our poor girl suffered horrible anxiety over loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks, which only got worse over the years and it was painful to watch her suffer. We tried everything from holistic drops in her water, to thunder jackets, you name it, we tried it. When we started hearing the early buzz about CBD, we did lots of research and decided to try giving it to our fur baby to see if it would help with pain management, it did! But it as so much more than that. With her arthritis we did see improvement, but within 6 months of regular treatment we experienced miraculous and life changing benefits, for our whole family. Her tumour shrunk from the size of a grapefruit to a golf ball, and her fear of loud noises completely disappeared! We couldn’t believe it. The first long weekend of fireworks was a doozy, and it barely phased her. By mid summer she didn’t react to thunder, fireworks, construction, which had her bolting home if we were in the park or refusing to go outside if we were home. Our girl is now 14.5 years old and living her best life. With this kind of personal experience, we knew, this was something that could help other people and their fur babies.


Polina & Tanya

Polina and Tanya, strive to live their best life through love and laughter, with over 45 years combined experience in Branding, Marketing and Creative. And close to 20 years in Cannabis and Alternative health.

Polina and Tanya strive to be mentors and leaders in their community, receiving several accolades for their business and community achievements.

Polina and Tanyaʼs love and care for their senior dog Ella and her health concerns are what propelled them into the wellness industry; to share their story and bring high quality Canadian products to market.

Focus: Contributing to a world in which cannabis stigma is a thing of the past.