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Psychedelic Integration

Allow your consciousness to transform into a canvas. Expand your mind through the brushstrokes of introspection and curiosity.
Are you ready to paint transformative landscapes of healing, unlocking the doorways to perception, empathy, and the boundless potential of the human psyche?

What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic integration therapy is designed to help individuals process and integrate insights and experiences gained during the use of healing psychedelics. The Elevated Wellness Co. aims to provide non-judgmental support and guidance from an integration counselor.

This therapy is for a client who has already experienced their therapeutic psychedelic journey or who is prepping for the journey and would like support with a harm-reduction approach.

When plant medicine and psychedelics are paired with consistent counseling, results can be long lasting. While the psychedelic substance quickly creates and rewires new neural pathways, therapeutic exploration helps maintain and nurture them.

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What you can Expect from Psychedelic Integration Therapy:

Let’s be real, each human's journey to healing is independent and unique. This means each person will receive different benefits however most people can expect to gain:

  • Incorporation of insights and lessons gained into daily life

  • Breaking unhealthy patterns

  • Processing of the intense emotions that may have arisen during the psychedelic experience

  • Support meaning-making in a safe and contained environment

  • Implementation of coping strategies to manage challenging emotions that arise after the psychedelic experience.

  • Ongoing self-reflection and mindfulness experiences

  • Emotional and spiritual preparation for a psychedelic journey

  • A harm reduction approach to ensure safety

Why Psychedelic Integration Therapy?

If you are craving a deeper dive into your subconscious mind and want to complement your traditional therapy this may be for you! In our work we have seen people seeking this treatment for deeper exploration, to overcome a traumatic event, to break unhealthy patterns, or to gain a better understanding of oneself.

Let’s be real, each human's journey to healing is independent and unique. For this reason, TEWC does not use a cookie cutter method to guide clients towards restoration. To reach the highest level of change TEWC is rooted in current and evidence based practices while maintaining flexibility and creativity to suit your individual needs. We pull from different approaches and techniques to support clients in Toronto, and throughout Ontario. Our clients are working through anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, as well as struggles with self-worth, and we are here to hold space for them.

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