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The Dadirri

Dadirri Room

What does Dadirri mean?  'Dadirri' is an Aboriginal word meaning 'inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting'.  Something that many of us have lost touch with as our lives move faster and faster and we become less and less connected to ourselves and each other.


At the Elevated Wellness Company we have thoughtfully created a safe and inclusive space to discover self for positive alignment of mind and body. 

We have carefully curated experiences that include wellness through music, sound, movement, workshops, art, play, plant medicine, meditation, and connection, with a strong sense of community as the base. A space to experience all of our senses, through deep listening and healing. A space for discovery and imagination. Welcome to The Dadirri Room!

Dadirri Room

What We Offer

At the Dadirri Room we offer a variety of wellness experiences that allow you to connect with self, raise your vibrations, heal, connect with community and grow.​ 


Currently by appointment only. 

Contact us today to schedule your visit!

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