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Earl Grey THC stress relief tea

Earl Of Grey Tea - 100mg THC - Stress Relief

A classic tea blend with a THC twist. A perfect black tea for a boost of energy and stress relief.

6 pack (10 servings per bag)

100 mg THC per bag
10 x 10 mg THC servings (tea bags included)

Flavour: Earl of Grey | Contains Caffeine

Uses: High Tea takes the edge off with subtle effects that complement your daily routine. Their blends can help soothe minor aches and pains, reduce inflammation and encourage long-lasting relaxation that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.



High Tea Cannabis infused tea blends are made from ethically sourced organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Cannabis, Black Tea, Oil of Bergamont

Brewing Instructions:

  • 1 tsp tea per 250ml of boiled water
  • Steep: 10 or more | Longer =  Stronger

Take it to the next level:

Add 1/4 tsp of coconut oil or coconut butter while steeping. Remove tea leaves and blend for a delicious tea latte that also boosts the digestion of cannabinoids.

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